Deliveries that actually deliver

We serve millions of Londoners, combining a top-notch delivery service with advanced technology to offer a carbon-neutral delivery experience like no other.

A illustrative UI that shows different stages of Packfleet's delivery process.A illustrative UI that shows

Save money on every parcel

Transparent pricing

We charge £6 per parcel, and £4 per additional parcel in your shipment. Whether you're shipping 50 or 50,000 packages, we scale with you.

Fixed pricing per package

No congestion or fuel charges

Simple returns

Volume-based discounts

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10x better success rate

Our failure rate (broken or damaged) in January was 0.07%, 10x less than the leading traditional courier. With full compensation for all issues, you're guaranteed to save money.

Automatic compensation

Free redelivery

Refund of cost-price for damages

Proactive notifications of issues

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Fewer customer support queries

Live tracking, instant access to live chat, and reliable deliveries cuts your inbound instantly. Use the chat button in the bottom right to send us a message and see for yourself!

Up-to-the-minute ETAs

Overview of all packages

Live redirection options

How we support you

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This number is based on what you're currently spending, and losing through failure rate. By switching to Packfleet, you'd save at least the above amount thanks to our competitive pricing and significantly reduced failure rate.

Start saving today
Logo of 'Dishpatch', a restaurant that delivers meal-kits.
Logo of 'Dishpatch', a restaurant that delivers meal-kits.

Increase retention and NPS for your customers

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Put your customers in control

Live tracking, up to the minute ETAs and options to update their address, change the delivery date and provide access instructions.

Offer deliveries 7 days a week

No extra charges for deliveries on Saturday or bank holidays. £9 for deliveries on Sunday.

Interface of importing orders to Packfleet merchant dashboard.
Illustrative UI Screenshot from Packfleet's merchant app showing shipment ETA status

Provide ETAs that are actually correct

In January, we hit 98% of our ETA windows and 100% of deliveries were delivered on the day promised.

Enable customers with rapid support

Average response time in November was 7 minutes, answered by our London-based support team

Illustrative UI Screenshot from Packfleet's app showing example customer support tickets.

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Get up and running in minutes if you know what you're doing or, if you want to talk to our team, book a demo below.

Build loyalty with green deliveries as standard

Image of trees
Image of trees
Electric for every package

All of our vehicles are 100% electric, charged by renewable energy, so carbon-neutral is built in.

A new forest being created

We plant a tree for every parcel that we deliver in an effort to make the greenest deliveries in the world

B-Corp to protect our work

We’re in the process of registering as a B-Corp, so we can ensure we focus on our environmental and social impact just as much as the rest of the business.

Living Wage Foundation Logo
Real Living Wage paid to everyone

Our delivery drivers are the face of Packfleet. They do a tough job and deserve to be compensated for it, so all of our staff are paid at least the Real Living Wage.

Get started immediately whether you ship 50 or 50,000 parcels

Collect from anywhere, anytime

We collect from customers all across the UK and handle their deliveries within the M25. So whether you’re using a 3PL in the Midlands or you’ve got a shop in Camden, you can use Packfleet.

Integrate in minutes

We have integrations with Shopify, WooCommerce, Linnworks, Mintsoft and many more, with a dedicated integrations team on hand to answer any questions or do the setup for you. And of course you can also use CSVs, add packages manually, or connect directly to our API.

London based customer support

Our customer support team are all based in London and ready to help. Test them out by sending a message using the live chat button in the bottom right of this screen.

Expanding fast with world-class backers

We cover all of the M25 today for deliveries and are growing fast, with plans to add more cities this year to our coverage. Our backers are some of the most well-known investors on the planet, having backed companies like Spotify, Airbnb and others.

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