Damages and Claims

A guide to how we protect your goods and cover the costs when things go wrong

Minimising issues

Damaged parcels can happen to anyone. Even with the utmost care, mistakes can happen and someone can drop a delicate package. We use technology and training to make that as rare as possible, leading to an industry-leading low rate of damages.


Failure rate in January 2023


Better than industry standard
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we transport fragile items

£1,000 cover as standard

If the worst happens and a parcel gets damaged, we immediately notify our merchant of the issue. We provide photos and information on exactly what happened, so you can make a decision on next steps. Sometimes one bottle of wine in a case can get damaged, but the rest are fine to deliver. Other times, everything needs to be returned to the sender immediately.

We then work to get another package out to the recipient as quickly as possible. We’ll collect a replacement as soon as it’s ready and put it on rush delivery to arrive ASAP. We then:

  • Waive delivery fees for original delivery
  • Waive delivery fees for replacement delivery
  • Refund cost price of item up to £1,000 from next invoice

All of this is standard, so you don't need to pay anything extra for cover or go through long claims processes.

90 seconds
or less

Average response time in January 2024

Learning for the future

The final piece of the puzzle is ensuring we learn from every issue so it doesn't happen again. We examine our internal processes for every single issue to see what we can do to avoid this happening again in future. Sometimes this is a technical change, sometimes a process change, sometimes more training. And we can share that report with you too if you want to see how we're improving.


Do you require specific packaging?

We're flexible. While it's important that your packaging is strong and sealed, it doesn't need to be able to withstand multi-metre drops or be a boring cardboard box. On our Perishables page, you can see some of the variety of packaging we support!
How do I submit a claim?

Most of the time, we'll already have reached out to you, but if you have an issue that we don't know about, use the live chat functionality to let us know. If you can give us the tracking phrase and information about the issue, we'll immediately investigate. If the item is high value, we may ask you for proof of it's cost price before refunding it.
Can I visit your warehouse?

Get in touch! For security reasons, we control access carefully but we're always happy to give tours to our customers.