Guides to Using Packfleet

We've created a selection of videos and guides for you on using Packfleet that should help you get up and running quickly and easily. Can't find what you're looking for? Chat to us.
How To

Create a Packfleet Account

Creating a Packfleet account takes just a couple of minutes and we can start collecting and delivering for you on the same day you sign up.
  1. Click "Sign Up"
  2. Enter your business details in the form and click "Create Account"
  3. Verify your email address
  4. You're done! Ready to send 🎉
How To

Send Your First Packages with Packfleet

Once you've created a Packfleet account, you're ready to start sending packages. This video walks you through adding packages one-by-one, but if you want to import lots at once, we recommend this video instead.
  1. Head to your Packfleet dashboard at
  2. Click "Create a shipment". This is a manual import flow for adding parcels one-by-one. To find out how to import lots of parcels via Shopify, CSV or similar, view this video.
  3. Enter the details for when you want us to collect this parcel, with the address, time and any other details
  4. Then add the recipient's details
  5. Check all the details in the summary and then click "Create shipment"
  6. Done! Your shipment has been imported and you can now print your labels
How To

Import to Packfleet from Shopify, Linnworks, CSV

If you ship lots of packages, it's best to connect Packfleet to your shop platform directly. We support Shopify, Linnworks, WooCommerce and ShipStation. If there are others you want us to support, just ask. If you want to just add packages one-by-one, then this video will walk you through doing that.
  1. Head to your Packfleet dashboard at
  2. Click "Add shipments" on the left hand menu
  3. If you've already connected your store via Shopify, Linnworks, WooCommerce etc. you'll see the orders that we're able to deliver already on the page. If not, click "Connect apps to Packfleet" first
  4. Make any edits to the orders that you want to, like changing the number of packs or the delivery time
  5. Select the orders you want to import (or select all of them) and then click "Import"
Alternatively, you can use CSV to import lots of shipments to Packfleet. Click "Import from CSV" and upload your CSV — this can be in any format. Match the CSV columns to Packfleet's fields and then click Import.