Dishpatch ended failed deliveries with Packfleet

Dishpatch offer restaurant meal kits, delivered to your door and ready to finish at home. They switched to Packfleet in June 2022 for their London deliveries and have seen huge reductions in their failed deliveries and customer support costs since.


Failed deliveries since switching


Fewer customer support enquiries


Decrease in resolution time
The best restaurant meal kits, delivered to you

Kees Johnson

Operations Manager at Dishpatch

"Our experience with Packfleet has been phenomenal! We have been able to unlock a more effective and transparent delivery solution for our London clients with easy implementation and integration with our current process. Packfleet has supported our growth and contributed to our success."

Mollie Parker

Customer Support Associate at Dishpatch

"Working with Packfleet has been a breath of fresh air, courier issues generally take up a fair bit of time for us in customer support but since using Packfleet, London delivery issues are a rarity. Whenever our customers have had any issues (which have been few and far between!), their support team have been incredibly quick to help and solve our customer's issues. They certainly go above and beyond to ensure our customers have the best experience. This has been invaluable to us as a support team and has made for some delighted customers - we’ve even had customers comment on how particularly lovely Packfleet’s drivers are!"


0 failed deliveries
Failed deliveries in London vanished, going from 0.49% of deliveries with Dishpatch's previous courier to 0 failed deliveries with Packfleet over the last 3 months


4x fewer support enquiries
Enquiries about delivery dropped from 3.8% of deliveries to just 0.9% of deliveries when Dishpatch started using Packfleet


50% decrease in resolution time
Average ticket resolution time (from first message to final closure) decreased from 5.1 hours to 2.4 hours thanks to Packfleet's tracking functionality, options for recipients and live chat support

Packfleet collects from Dishpatch in Poplar

With recurring collections setup, Dishpatch have confidence that our drivers will come to collect between 16:00 and 17:00 every day. And Dishpatch can see exactly where the driver is at any time, with an exact ETA, so they know when to be ready.

Some of the features used by Dishpatch


Order notes on labels
Dishpatch use Packfleet's order notes feature, printed on every label, to help their Fulfillment team know exactly what each package should contain and spot check for quality


Saturday deliveries
Saturday deliveries included by default, at no extra cost, means Dishpatch can offer delivery six days per week with no extra setup


Live delivery status
Being able to see the status of hundreds of parcels at the same time, with issues proactively surfaced, means Dishpatch's Operations team can stop worrying on delivery day

Setup took just 5 minutes

Setup took just 2 weeks

After running some trial deliveries through Packfleet, Dishpatch switched their Saturday deliveries over immediately. After another few weeks verifying quality, they had the confidence to transfer all of their London deliveries over to Packfleet and haven't looked back since.