Unlock the power of circular and reverse logistics with Packfleet

Packfleet Circular delivers your products in packaging of your choice and then collects that packaging for return and reuse, enabling you to use it over and over again.

The ultimate in green delivery, built from the ground up by Packfleet.
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As used by Dizzie

Dizzie and Packfleet have pioneered a UK first — grocery deliveries in reusable, refillable containers direct to your door.

Packfleet collect from Dizzie’s warehouse near Birmingham and deliver to all of Dizzie’s London based customers. Each Dizzie order comes in a plastic crate, in which they have reusable bags containing all of the items you order. Our Packfleet drivers will come to your door, take the bags out of the crate and deliver to you (or your safe place).

We then collect any reusable pots and bags from your previous order and return them to Dizzie for reuse.

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