Import orders from Shopify with one click

Packfleet connects directly to your Shopify store so you can easily import orders, no need to type addresses or deal with CSV files.

Totally free, no installation or monthly fees.
Three screens of the Packfleet merchant app
Free to install and use
View on Shopify
Available on all Shopify plans for free
View all eligible orders for Packfleet delivery in one place
Filter by Shopify tags (either manual or auto-generated)
See Shopify product details per order within Packfleet
Automatically mark orders as fulfilled and trigger Shopify fulfillment emails (optional)
Choose next-day or same-day delivery for all Shopify orders
Add delivery time windows for each package
Add delivery notes per order within Packfleet
No commitments or contracts to lock you in
And all of our other great Packfleet features!
Whether you're just getting started on Shopify or you ship thousands of orders every day with Shopify Plus, we're here to support you. We don't charge anything for our Shopify integration and you can install it to test it out with no commitment.

Using our Shopify app means no more manual adding of orders or uploading CSVs just to ship your packages. The app can be installed with no technical experience needed and it'll instantly save you time every day.

If you have any trouble, we're on hand with live chat support to help you — we can do everything from answer questions to using guest access to set up the Shopify app for you.