Net positive impact

We started Packfleet to enable independent businesses to offer world-class delivery. But alongside that, we want to ensure that we are a net positive company to the planet and society. Because we believe it’s the right thing to do.

B-Corp cements our commitment

Packfleet is a registered B-Corp, which means we meet the highest standards of business as a force for good.As a B-Corp we’re legally required to consider the impact of our decisions on our employees, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. This is as opposed to solely being focused on shareholder profit like most other companies.

Being green is more than painting a van

Being green isn’t an end in itself. We believe it’s the bare minimum for a business today, so we don’t charge for it and it’s not an optional extra; it just comes with the service.

We want every single Packfleet delivery to improve our planet. With electric vans and efficient routing driven by advanced technology, we ensure every delivery is carbon neutral. All of which combines to make us one of the greenest delivery companies out there.

Home deliveries can be more carbon efficient than in-person shopping, but only if the delivery replaces a car journey and the delivery routes are as efficient as possible to reduce wasted miles. So we’ve built our own in-house routing engine that means every one of our drivers is always on the most efficient route between their deliveries.

Our electric vans are charged with 100% green electricity from renewable sources. And our office and warehouse all run from that same supply, so every cup of tea we make is carbon-neutral too.

We’re not done yet though. Our next step is to ensure every aspect of our business is carbon-neutral; from the servers we run to the tools our customers use before a parcel even reaches us. We’ll keep this page updated with our progress as we go, so you can hold us accountable over time.

Driving to a better future

Our drivers are as much a part of our team as everyone else. We refuse to take advantage of gig economy workers to deliver your parcels. We fully employ all of our permanent drivers, meaning they get our full benefits packages, including private health insurance and free lunch, and we pay at or above the Real Living Wage for all of our employees.

That means that our drivers really care about your parcels and care about making sure they get delivered on-time and safely. We don’t force our drivers to drop parcels on doorsteps and run to get to their next delivery, but instead ask them to wait to make sure it gets delivered with a smile.

As part of the team, they also help to make our product and technology as advanced as it is. As one of our core groups of users, drivers are a key part of our development process, all of which contributes to our driver app being one the best out there — meaning drivers are able to focus on delivering your parcels, rather than fighting with slow or outdated technology.

And if you’re curious about joining our team as a driver, we’re always hiring! Come and say hi!