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Below is a short tour of exactly how you can get up and running with Packfleet today.
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Screenshots of Packfleet app creating new collections and seeing them on a map

Tell us when and where to collect

The first thing is to set your collection location (or locations) and a collection time window of your choice. You can even set up a recurring collection so we collect every day. Or every Monday. Or any combination of days!

You can change or skip your collections at any time and we’ll send you email notifications every time our driver is on their way to you so you have time to prepare, as well as keeping an eye on them with the live map in your Packfleet account.

Create or import your first shipments

Use Shopify? Click “Connect a Shop” and follow the steps. You’ll then be ready to import your Shopify orders with just one click.

No Shopify? No problem, you can as easily import your orders from a CSV from ShipStation, WooCommerce or any other platform and get them into your Packfleet account in seconds. We'll filter out the non-London deliveries so you can send those with another courier.

ℹ️ We call these “shipments”. You can always change them later if needed.

Screenshot of Packfleet showing how to import a CSV file
Screenshots of Packfleet creating and printing PDF labels

Prep your parcels and print your labels

Now all your orders are in Packfleet, all that’s left is to prepare your packs (some shipments might need multiple packs; that’s totally fine).

Then print the labels from the PDF on your typical square (4x4 inches) or rectangular (4x6 inches) labels.

ℹ️ We’re compatible with all the usual label, thermal and domestic printers. If your printer doesn’t work out of the box, drop us a line and we’ll help you set it up.

Follow the status of every collection and shipment

One of the best things about Packfleet is that it all updates in real-time so you’ll have a full view of all your upcoming collections and the status of every single shipment in transit.

Your customers also get beautiful notifications and tons of options to take control of their delivery (such as changing the delivery date or address).

ℹ️ We’ll never hide from you when things go wrong. You’ll be the first to know and have total visibility so your customers are not left in the dark.

Packfleet app running on a phone showing a map with a wine delivery getting closer and closer to the recipient

Even better with Packfleet Pro

We know our tracking pages, email notifications and labels are all much nicer than any other courier we've ever seen but we also know some brands like to push the envelope a bit and customise things that extra notch.

With Packfleet Pro you can do exactly that. Bring your colours, logo and tone of voice to all the different touch-points your customers interact with.

We can also help you boost your online reviews when recipients tell us how much they liked the delivery (it happens all the time!) and make the most of post-purchase opportunities at the perfect moment.

Ready to go Pro? Get in touch and we’ll set things up for you!